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2014 GRC Technology Innovation Award: Modulo Enables Intuitive Reporting and Analytics through GRC Intelligence Integration

The 2014 GRC Technology Innovation Awards was filled with competition.   Nominations increased to 62 over last year’s awards, and fifteen winners were selected.  GRC 20/20 looked through all of the submissions, asked for clarification where needed, and selected15 recipients that demonstrated outside the box thinking in taking GRC in new directions to receive this year’s award.

Modulo Enables Intuitive Reporting and Analytics through GRC Intelligence Integration

Modulo Risk Manager’s innovation is in enhanced reporting and analytics with its first GRC Intelligence module.  GRC Intelligences acts as a portal from any data source – including IT security, physical security and incident management tools; vendor surveys; social and mobile analytics and more – in context of GRC management programs through the reporting capabilities of Microsoft Business Intelligence tools. Users can access metadata from GRC assessments with drag and drop reporting in PowerPoint for rapid data visualization and collaborative business analytics.

GRC Intelligence allows integration in a SaaS implementation with SharePoint to enhance business and GRC Intelligence. The SharePoint integration automatically mirrors role-based access to eliminate set-up time. Reports can be accessed in the cloud through a browser, on any authenticated mobile device, in a command and control center or on a secure private server.

This tool allows users to drag and drop data from any aspect of the GRC program into reports of their design.  This enables users of Modulo GRC Intelligence to quickly and easily visualize their organization’s GRC data and enhance this through collaboration on GRC and business insights in intuitive and broadly used Microsoft solutions that users already know how to use. Using SharePoint and PowerPoint 2013, GRC Intelligence facilitates the process of sharing by allowing users to access GRC data directly on interactive PowerPoint slides - with the ability to drill-down to supporting data, geo-referenced maps and monitoring dashboards - ensuring real-time data and incident management while maintaining security through Windows authentication.

Creating a tabular model of GRC data in memory using MS SQL analysis service enables Risk Manager to benefit from the new Microsoft BI platform, released in June 2013, with Power View. It delivers a fast, easy-to-use, real time interface that can be filtered and drilled down directly in PowerPoint slides or in the user interface. The access control can be set down to the line level of a column and can be managed directly in Risk Manager. This infrastructure is scalable both vertically and horizontally. Terabytes can be processed in memory in milliseconds.

To learn more about the GRC 20/20 2014 GRC Innovation Awards and other recipients, please visit this post: GRC 20/20 Announces 2014 GRC Innovation Award Recipients

Michael Rasmussen
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